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Jul. 22nd, 2009

I realize when play Blazblue online matches...I'm best not to be disturbed...lol
welp..I finally did it...I'm single and free..woooo~

Eeey I'm on youtube


This was the at the Blazblue Ranbat about a month ago..after Mad Tea Party and I had basically come off a 2 week dryspell of not being able to practice..this of course was preceded by a total of one week of practice as we'd only gotten the game 3 weeks before this tourney...So to summarize..we got this game at our arcade 3 weeks before this tourney and 2 of them were spent wishing it hadn't been hauled off to Fanime =(

...Not that any of that matters cause I still suck XD Here's me proving that.

And Again

And Oh my God why did I even get out of bed!?!?!


I'm already super hype for this game's console release, but the animation is pretty sexy also...maybe someone can parley this into a Movie? OVA? Nah it'll probably suck.
Someone needs to revive the Heathcliff franchise, this shit is too good!!

Bang Shishigami's Theme on Violin

Fucking sick, brings a tear to my eye XO

I present you: Arakune's truck!

And he's selling it on craigslist! http://youngstown.craigslist.org/cto/1163953978.html

Ah that made me chuckle
Making a prediction right now just like the one I made about Soul Eater...

But I think Tripeace will be GanGan's (of which FMA is published) new hot series.

Stuff to note:

Today was cool. Blazblue is finally at SFSU and I will be devoting much free time to learning it while SJSU pines over the fact that they SUCK AT IT! GET READY FOR THE THUNDER!

Work was alright, and when i got home..crammed in another hour of Blazblue before the arcade shut down, plan on doin it tomorrow too.

Oh and also, I made a video collage of all the good times me and my buddies have had, compiled of photos and footage that I've taken..I'll probably make another one cause I have way more friends and way more good times to reminisce on visually

Apr. 27th, 2009

...my mom thinks she's turned into a 16 year old girl again, and stays up to 12 listening to 70's soul and disco, I wonder how long it'll take for my neighbors to think I'm a dick.

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